You probably know the core benefits of a AAA membership, but here’s a few more benefits that I bet you didn’t know:

  • A single tow, battery jump, gas delivery or vehicle lockout assistance can offset the cost of membership.
  • AAA members save — not only on hotels and rental cars, but also on attractions, movie tickets, and prescription drugs.
  • The AAA mobile app has a GPS feature that helps the tow-driver find you and your vehicle quickly.
  • AAA Battery Service can bring out a replacement to you. Installation is free and the battery is discounted $25.
  • AAA membership gives you a 5% discount on your AAA home or auto insurance policies. 
  • AAA roadside assistance works even if you’re just a passenger in the car. (It’s a smart idea to arm your teens with AAA associate member cards). 
  • Avoid the lengthy lines at the DMV. AAA can do registration renewal, stickers, disabled plates and placards, duplicate title, transfer ownership, etc.
  • AAA even provides bicycle transportation service should your bike break down out on a ride. (Who knew?)

Compare AAA membership plans:

All AAA employees (even travel agents) sell memberships. I’d value your business if you’d like to become a member, upgrade or add new associates.