Travel Well Trip Planning

Travel far…travel often…travel well — with professional trip planning services.


We had a lot to celebrate — two big birthdays and a high school graduation. I wanted a trip of a lifetime crossing three different countries. Maureen delivered on all of it: planes, trains and automobiles (plus some boats and even the Hogwarts Express). She helped figure out the best flights, hotels, train schedules, city transportation and the perfect tours. It was a wonderful, magical family adventure that we’ll never forget.” — Susan S.

We appreciate Maureen’s assistance and her professional manner — always courteous and patient with all of our questions. Maureen was even able to arrange an upgrade from Holland America for us. It was the trip of a lifetime and was much more enjoyable with the help of your valued employee. We will happily recommend AAA and Maureen to our friends. — Patty B.

“It was my goal to visit the area of Sarrance and Osse en Aspe (France) where my grandfather grew up. As part of my travel plans, a luncheon was planned. After lunch, we were invited to see the family homes of my grandfather and newly discovered cousins. There were tears of joy and happiness that we were able to meet. None of our group knew any of us existed and now were were one family. For my grandson and I, this was an outstanding trip. Maureen, thank you for your support, guidance and council for bringing my ancestral trip to fruition.” — Jack P.

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