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(Europe) “Maureen was a life-saver helping us salvage our summer 2020 Disneyland Paris plans during COVID-19. She secured a $4000+ airline refund and a Disneyland booking deposit that I don’t think we would have ever received without her help.  We’ll definitely rebook with Maureen when the time comes.”  — Sara F. 

(Alaska / Canada) “Maureen helped me plan a joyful and memorable vacation for my family of nine members. She professionally worked with me for one year to prepare for the Vancouver land tours and Alaska cruise. With her expertise and suggestions, we had the tours, cruise, flights, and hotels smoothly booked with great prices. I am grateful to have her as my travel agent.” — Wing C.

(Europe) “Maureen did an awesome job giving us great suggestions and help with planning our big vacation booking tours, flights, and so forth. COVID-19 hit, and then she had to do double duty to help cancel everything. Maureen has been very dedicated to our cause, and the best agent we could have hoped for in these circumstances. We are looking forward to working with her again when we re-plan our trip.” — Beth B.

(Palace of Versailles Tour) “We wanted to go on a few tours but didn’t know where to start.  Maureen listened to what we liked to do and found options that fit our family. One of our favorites was a biking tour at the Palace of Versailles. The guide was a very knowledgeable local who was just a ball of energy. It was a beautiful ride around the Palace grounds with stops for eating and exploring the gardens – so much fun!” Jeff S.

(Ireland / Scotland) “Thank you for helping us plan our trip to Scotland and Ireland. All your research and planning really made a difference. Thank you in particular for helping us long distance (while on our trip). It was a great vacation and a perfect first trip overseas.” — Margot M.

(Cruise) We appreciate Maureen’s assistance and her professional manner — always courteous and patient with all of our questions. Maureen was even able to arrange an upgrade from Holland America for us. It was the trip of a lifetime and was much more enjoyable with the help of your valued employee. We will happily recommend AAA and Maureen to our friends. — Patty B.

(Europe) We had a lot to celebrate — two big birthdays and a high school graduation. I wanted a trip of a lifetime crossing three different countries. Maureen delivered on all of it: planes, trains and automobiles (plus some boats and even the Hogwarts Express). She helped figure out the best flights, hotels, train schedules, city transportation and the perfect tours. It was a wonderful, magical family adventure that we’ll never forget.” — Susan S.

(Europe) “My goal was to visit the area of France where my grandfather grew up. As part of travel plans, a luncheon was planned. After lunch, my grandson and I were invited to see the family homes of my grandfather and newly discovered cousins. There were tears of joy and happiness that we were able to meet. Maureen, thank you for your support, guidance and council bringing my ancestral trip to fruition.” — Jack P.

(The Louvre Museum Tour) “No question that we had to see The Louvre Museum, but it’s so big and the lines to get in could be a headache. I wanted a guided tour, but I was intimidated by all the options. Maureen found the perfect tour with a tour guide who was amazing! An art student who told us so many stories, pointed our gaze towards things we wouldn’t have noticed, and expertly moved us through the Mona Lisa queue. It made the Museum visit so much more enjoyable.” — Maya S.

(U.S.) “A quick note to let you know that our trip went off without a hitch. We made every connection so all the planning paid off. My daughter is forever in your debt for helping us fit everything in. I was grateful to be with her and thankful that you were able to help us do this.” — Laurie L.

(Europe) “Maureen served as our travel agent for a memorable 3-week family vacation to Europe in the summer of 2019. She planned air, train, and accommodations ranging from high-end hotels to camping in the south of France. She used her personal travel experience as well her travel agency knowledge to make suggestions for each country. She suggested events that I was not aware of, and many of those turned out to provide us with our fondest memories.” — Maureen L.

(Amsterdam Canal Boat Tour) “Maureen found a smaller boat tour that included our family and one other couple.  The skipper lived on a canal houseboat and gave us a truly personalized tour.  He talked to us about life on the canals, pointed out interesting features on the houseboats and highlighted architectural details on the buildings, all while expertly maneuvering around the larger boats struggling to make turns in the tight canals.  There’s no way I would have found this on my own and it was such a memorable part of our overall trip.” — Luke S.

(Southwest USA Road Trip) “I cannot thank you enough for the most excellent travel planning you designed for me.  It worked perfectly and it gave me so much peace to know exactly where I was going and staying. Thank you so much for your guidance.”  — Michele M. 

(Scandinavia) “Maureen was professional, helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant. She made it easy for us to make plans for a cruise to the Scandinavian countries and we are very pleased with her work. We would recommend her without reservation.” — Tom K.

(Europe) “We had a trip planned to fly to France with a river cruise and post cruise stay at a country hotel with rental car. Maureen Zeljak took care of these arrangements in a timely and professional manner. Since Covid-19 made us cancel our trip, we are re-scheduling and hoping that we will be able to make this dream trip happen. Maureen is doing her best to assist us. Would highly recommend using her services as an experienced travel agent.” — Dave J.

(Eastern Europe) “Five stars. Maureen is great to work with! She has helped with numerous travel occasions. She was very professional and always helpful. She was open and honest and always gave me lots of good advice. She responds very promptly to questions and requests. I would recommend Maureen to anyone.” — Hrair M.

(Cruise) “Thank goodness for Maureen’s services. COVID-19 disrupted a trip to Europe and a Baltic cruise. We had tours, hotels, flights and a cruise booked. Maureen took care of everything: cancellations, credits, refunds and re-bookings. I now know the true value of having an excellent professional travel agent. There’s no anxiety, even when things go wrong, knowing that Maureen will handle it perfectly.”   — Kim P. 

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