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Trip Planning

Why Hire a Trip Planner?


Travel agents take care of every aspect of your trip, from your flights and hotel to ground transportation and excursions.  You can just enjoy the trip without having to stress over the planning process.

Resources, Tools and Savings

Agents have access to the best deals and know how to get you more for your money.  AAA’s national buying power enables us to negotiate significant savings for our clients based on our supplier relationships.

Other Benefits

There are other benefits besides pricing that I have access to that will enhance your trip (upgrades, beverage packages, spending credits, transfers, excursions, etc).

Your Advocate from Start to Finish

A good agent is available to assist you before, during and after your trip.  In the event something goes wrong, I’ll go to bat for you to make it right.

Travel Expert

Not only am I well-informed on a wide variety of travel destinations, but I’ve visited many of them myself. I am trained, certified and licensed. I’m passionate about travel and have a wealth of valuable travel tips.


Let’s create your ideal itinerary personalized for you and your family.  Let’s figure out how to:  Go where you want to go. Do what you want to do. Eat what you want to eat. And, travel at your speed.

Travel Deals = Legalese and Fine Print

A lot of travel deals appear too good to be true and turn out to be exactly that.  I’ll help you weed out anything that isn’t legit and guide you on change and cancellation rules and when it’s smart to consider purchasing travel insurance.


I don’t mind if you want to “do-it-yourself” on parts of your trip.   And, it’s fine if you want to use your miles or points for that rental car.  Let’s pull the trip package together that makes sense for you.

Service Fees

When I do charge, it’s usually $40 – $150 and it’s clearly communicated up-front based on the trip complexity. 80% of the time — it’s either $50 or $100. Bottom line, I’ll ensure you get value on that fee.

Often, there’s no charge. (One more benefit of being a AAA member)

My services are often complimentary.  If I make a reasonable commission* from the travel suppliers (hotel, tour, cruise, etc.), I can typically waive charging you any travel service fee.

* Generally, you need to spend at least $3500 on your trip for me to reach that minimum commission.  Remember, airlines no longer pay commissions so don’t include your flight fare in that trip calculation.

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