Many times when people seek out a travel agent, it’s because they have a unique challenge that they need to solve. My job isn’t always easy but it’s interesting. Somedays, more than others.  So, a couple weeks ago, I booked my first ski trip for a cat — Mister Sheldon Piratebeard.

I was called by the cat’s owner and his initial request seemed straight-forward enough at first but when I said, “Sure, I can do that”, then he threw one more thing at me, and then another and then suddenly, wow — I was actually cat juggling.

First it was, “I want to take my family on a skiing vacation in either Whistler or Colorado”.  He wanted to take his parents and his 12 year old son. Easy enough. 
Then it was, “We need free breakfast”.  Sure, no problem.
Then it was “My parents snore something terrible, could we afford two rooms for the same budget?”.  Okay then, yes — I can do that. 
And then suddenly, it was “Our cat is family and he’s never been skiing”.
Okay, they didn’t really say that.

“They said, our cat is family and we’d like to bring him along…on our ski trip”.

So, if you’re wondering — yes, the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton at Breckenridge does have great rooms, at a good rate, with a free breakfast and yes, by all means — bring a cat. 

(Disclaimer:  The above cat is stock photography but he’s exactly how I imagine Mister Sheldon Piratebeard standing there at the hotel door about to head out into the snow.   Wait — is that “hate” in his eyes?  No, but he is wishing they had taken him to Hawaii).