Ah, the “rest day”, the most glorious day of the vacation.  Here’s why it’s important:

  1.  You’re on vacation.  You’re actually supposed to be resting and relaxing.  Recharging.  Let go. Your plan today is “no plan”.  Wander.  Find views, water or sunshine.  This looks like a good place to read.  Maybe, take a little nap.  Okay, now you’re getting the hang of it.  Extra points if you’re in a hammock.
  2. Travel can be a grind.  Have you ever come back and felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation?  Ah, the glamour of air travel.  Lugging bags, standing in lines and sitting in a tin box for hours breathing recycled air.  It’s not easy.   Build one day in there to recover, get some real sleep (try all six of those hotel pillows) and get your body and mind into the right time zone.  Did your mind just say “I’m on Island Time!”  Good girl!
  3. Destinations are not tasks to be checked off.  We actually say things like that about places — “I checked off Croatia and Montenegro on that last trip”.   It’s not about the number of cities or countries you’ve visited.  It’s about the experiences, the memories.

Build in that rest day, friends.  If you have to, add an extra day to your vacation to make it happen.  Trust me, taking that day will be worth it.