I’m often asked to help clients find hotel rooms in pricey New York City.  Often, you all come to me already swept up in that eternal search for that super-rare property:  the modern, clean, mid-town Manhattan “bargain”.   That bargain – which will turn out to be a shoebox room with an even tinier bathroom where your knees will touch the towels as you sit on the toilet. (There are cities where you can/should chase the “bargain”.  NYC is not one of them).

Travel is a gift. New York City is truly unique, something very special. And, what you all should be looking for is a room with a view because the most glorious way to see NYC is from above. There are dozens of New York City hotels with rooms offering amazing views.

And once, you’ve checked into that room?  By all means, go out and enjoy all that NYC has to offer.  But before you go to bed that first night, be sure to sit quietly in the dark and look out at the skyline of the city that never sleeps. Take a moment to look out and center and reflect. Listen to the round-the-clock hustle and bustle on the streets below.  Study the lights and reflections.  Think about your fellow humans sharing that city with you. Find calm in the chaos.  Feel small in the biggest city in the world.  You worked hard today, you traveled far — enjoy the view.

Here’s some NYC hotel inspiration from a few smart travel writers who feel similarly.  First off,  CAILEY RIZZO at Travel+Leisure:


Or KYLE VALENTA from Oyster.com as read in USA Today:


And, SHAREL KOLBERG, founder of Family Travel Channel:


Come chat with me and let’s see if I can find you a room with a view.