Antarctica is considered one of the most pristine landscapes in the world. This continent belongs to no nation and is protected by an international treaty for peaceful scientific pursuit. Few people can say they’ve visited the 7th continent.

There’s a number of ways to journey to Antarctica but my recommendation would be a smaller purpose-built expedition ship. Learn about your destination from resident scientists, attend enrichment programs and explore.

The ideal time to explore is the Antarctic summer, starting in November when cold, windy weather turns to 24-hours of sunlight and temperatures rise to a comfortable 32° F. The ice melts, unlocking frozen seaways.

Here’s travel itineraries from a few trusted AAA travel partners:

Viking Expeditions: Inaugural season: 2022

AAA Member Choice Vacations: 2 sailings in Jan / Feb 2021

Tauck Cruises: 5 sailings in Jan / Feb 2021. Be sure to watch the amazing video on their Antarctica Expedition page. So inspiring!

Ask me to provide a no-commitment quote that includes some great AAA benefits and amenities. Today you’re a mere traveler; tomorrow an Arctic explorer!