I had the good fortune to travel to New Zealand late last year. It was September, the beginning of their Spring, and this grizzled, road warrior world traveler who’s been everywhere (a dozen years as a tradeshow / events director and a couple more years as a travel agent) considers it my very favorite destination thus far. As a rule, I usually don’t revisit places twice. I figure it’s a huge world and I need to see as much of it as I can with the time I have. I’m likely going to break that rule a half-dozen times with New Zealand. I love it that much.

It’s one of those places where you feel like you’re standing inside an amazing piece of landscape art. And, then there’s the people, and the food, and the culture. I did not fully understand just how important the Maori culture was — how completely integrated it was into being a New Zealander – until I visited and gratefully learned so much from my kind hosts and the lovely and generous Kiwis that I encountered each and every day.

I’d love to share New Zealand with you. Let me pull together a custom trip leveraging some amazing AAA travel partners and local on-the-ground experts. I can take care of every detail: planning, booking, flights, accommodations, sightseeing, transfers or car rentals, and travel protection.

If you’d like to start dreaming about your New Zealand bucket list trip, let’s get started with a quick sneak peek at Luxury Lodges of New Zealand. I’ve had the pleasure of staying and visiting a number of their properties and would be happy to integrate them into an unforgettable travel itinerary for you.

Photo Attibution: Photo by Michael Owen from Pexels