I know how you’re feeling. You’re not quite ready to do a vacation this Summer. You might not even take a trip this year. But you still dream of travel. You want to hear those jet wheels tuck themselves back-up, listen for that 10,000 foot “ding” so that you can put your seat back, relax into your your favorite book after you silently whisper “Hello again…I missed you” to that sea of fluffy white clouds out the airplane window and wonder what adventure will await you once those wheels touch the tarmac again.

I suggest that this is a unique opportunity this Summer while we all wait for the world to be safe again, to do your travel research, save your money, take advantage of currently very low hotel and airfares, and finally book that big once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list trip for 2021.

There’s three criteria that your should look for with your next big trip:

  1. Flexible — partner with a trusted, established travel supplier who allows you to adjust or cancel your travel plan as necessary.
  2. Local Expertise — leverage an expert local tour manager to best navigate, keep you safe and optimize your experience.
  3. Priceless Experience — work with a travel advisor to ensure it’s well planned out, unforgettable and everything you hoped for

And to inspire you further, here are a few potential destinations with links to more detail:

  1. Antarctica
  2. African Safari
  3. New Zealand
  4. US National Parks

Other ideas: Heritage or ancestry trips. Galapagos Islands. Or, whatever destination you’ve been dreaming about.

Let’s schedule time to meet and block out a basic travel plan: We’ll determine the optimum travel days for your destination, estimate rough budget ranges, and I’ll arm you with options to study and compare. Once you book, you can usually put down a small deposit and pay the balance over time. And we’ll make sure you have a good cancel-anytime travel insurance plan to cover both you and your investment.

I always try to find the positive in every experience. So, what’s the good thing with the current challenges and changes to travel? I’m hopeful that we’ll all work to create better vacations — quality experiences with our families and loved ones that are truly memorable and personal. Well, I know I will.