I’m here to help you all find some calmer waters.  Doesn’t that sound good about now?  Today, I’ll share some summer swimming spots that would really hit the spot right now. 

First off, I’ll share two highlights from SMARTERTRAVEL’s article “The 10 Most Swimmable Lakes in America”.  At the top of their list?  Lake Tahoe, CA.  North America’s largest alpine lake nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the border of CA and NV.  Looking to swim? Try heading to Sand Harbor Beach in North Lake Tahoe or Regan Beach in Tahoe South.  There’s 72 plus miles of shoreline making up the Lake Tahoe Water Trail.  Rent a skiboat, kayak, canoe or paddleboard to climb back on after your quick (Boy that’s chilly!) dip. 

I discovered a new lake in that same article that I plan to check out soon – Lake Chelan.  Washington state’s largest (50 mile long) natural lake surrounded by the Cascade Mountains and vineyards and apple orchards. 


Next, how about a website that helps you locate private swimming pools available to you and your family?  Think AirBnB for swimming pools.  Check out:  www.swimply.com   They’re still getting the word out and building their pool inventory.  I’m sure COVID-19 has slowed their growth but what a great idea.  I found a number of available pools for both destinations on my wish list and here at home.   They also operate Joyspace – a (coming-soon) platform for renting unique private spaces from tennis and basketball courts to home gyms.


Last but not least, are companies like SwimVacation.com  which promises adventures for people who love to swim.  I’ve got my eye on one of their British Virgin Islands trips.  Two swims a day from their spacious yacht, refuel with freshly prepared meals, and be gently rocked to sleep as they sail on to the next calm bay and harbor to swim.   They operate in the Caribbean and Hawaii and they’ve added Greece.  Owners Hopper and Heather make it all look heavenly.    There’s other operators in this space – they all have their niches.  Heading to Europe?  — check out SwimTrek.com


Oh, now this is fascinating. Here’s Five Underwater Hotels that have to be seen to be believed!

Dip your toe in.  The water’s fine. 

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